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Escape The City

After you visit Alonnisos for the first time, you will long to return. Perhaps it is the crystal clear turquoise waters, or the fragrant pine forests. There is no doubt, Alonnisos is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea. With a rich history, and untouched culture, the island will provide the genuine Greek experience. The best time to visit Alonnisos is now! 

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Discover hidden paths and uniquely beautiful routes in nature either on your own or by following one of the guided tours. The unspoiled beauty of the island will offer hours of endless exploration.


Do not miss the opportunity to admire the largest natural marine park of the Mediterranean - home to the endangered Monachus – Monachus seal. Crystal clear waters surround the island, rightfully giving Alonnisos the destination “ecological paradise”. The unihabitated islands surrounding Alonnisos are a treat to visit too.


Pebbly, sandy, isolated or next to picturesque harbors and tavernas, Alonissos’ beaches promise to enchant you. Agios Dimitrios, Leftos Gialos, Milia, Chrisi Milia, Tzortzis Yalos, Yalia and Vrisitsa are just some of the most popular and spectacular ones.


Narrow streets and local stone-built houses are surrounded by climbing vines and flower gardens. Located in an elevated part of the island, the view is amazing. It used to be the capital of the island; nowadays, it's a place with remarkable architecture and history. 

Time For Yourself

Your schedule is up to you. Chill at the poolside or indulge in an ocean-view massage within a safari tent. Take a tour of the marine park, try your hand at scuba diving, or explore some of hidden coves and beaches. Whatever you envision your escape to be, it will be. Let us take you away. 

Explore the laid-back local culture on Alonnisos: rich, simple tastes combined with jovial, enthusiastic people.

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