Our Amani spa will wrap you in the essence of the Medditerranean, from head to toe.


In order to make each and every moment of your life even more beautiful, we have allowed nature to inspire our therapies. We will help you choose from a diverse variety of organic and natural treatments, using products that will contribute to your beauty and health. 


To book a spa package, please contact Amani Spa directly by phone 305.515.3028 or email spaterre@littlepalmisland.com.

Beauty Package

If pampering is your secret weakness, then this package is especially for you. After a grapefruit "joy of the senses" scrub indulge in white clay, papaya and aloe. This precious body mask will be an extraordinary experience and the facial that follows will leave you looking your best.

Package Includes:

  • love

  • love

120 mins, 170 Euros

 Relaxation Package

As the fatigue and tension of the day is washed away with a relaxing foot bath, a body scrub and an anti-stress facial will follow. You won't have to move a muscle as the facial will proceed to a full body aromatherapy massage. Enjoy the bliss!

Package Includes:

  • love

  • love

120 mins, 180 Euros

Men's Package

A man's skin and general well-being deserve extra care. A body scrub will reveal a cleansed, smooth and beautiful skin. A massage will leave you feeling relaxed and without tension. A treat for your face and feet will seal your spa experience.

Package Includes:

  • love

  • love

190 mins, 235 Euros

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