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Greece Holiday

Where to Stay for a Greece Holiday

A Greece Holiday getaway awaits! The Infinity 180 is the premier boutique hotel in Alonissos. From breakfast in bed to our sparkling pool to our safari spa, we're synonymous with relaxation. Treat yourself and your family to the ultimate vacation. Panoramic views of the island will take your breath away. Lounge your cares away in a hammock or take an evening stroll down of the many beaches. Our staff is here to attend to your every request. No more breakfast bars that close at sunrise. We'll send breakfast to your room on your schedule. Feel free to sleep in knowing that you're in charge. Each of our suites is designed to provide the pinnacle of comfort and rejuvenation. The Infinity 180 is Greek luxury that can't be beat. How you indulge is up to you. Explore our website to learn more about the island, our specials, and all the incredible amenities that await you in your luxury suite.

It's always the right time to take a Greece holiday. From vast beaches to magical forests to hidden coves, there's so much to do and explore. When you come back from your expedition, The Infinity 180 will be at your beck and call. As the premier boutique hotel in Alonissos, we offer three unrivaled luxury suites, each with its own nature-inspired theme. Take a relaxing swim in one of our majestic pools, experience a spa treatment like no other, and sweat your cares away in our infrared sauna. Order breakfast at noon, or dine privately with your special someone. How you mix and match your pleasures is up to you. Between the majesty of Alonissos and the luxury of your suite, you'll always have a sublime experience waiting for you. The best time to book your stay is now. Call us to make a reservation and experience true luxury that adapts to you.

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