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It is important to understand that the price of an object in the past does not guarantee that this price will be received in the future. Consumers are irrational and marketing manipulation can lead to real estate overvaluation onlinecasinoluxembourg.

Value and price are two important parameters that always “outweigh” each other in the minds of the buyer and seller of real estate. People often forget to calculate the value of real estate, as additional investments often begin to be calculated only after the transaction.

In the following parts, we will begin to apply the basics to individual problems that will be solved in different situations.

Part 2. Buying real estate for life

The real estate needs of any family are related to its life cycles. The life cycles of an average family in which spouses have been married for at least 25 years can be divided into four stages:

– a young family without children or with one small child;

- a mature family with two children - a schoolboy and a junior schoolboy;

- a family with adult children - graduates of a school or institute;

- an elderly couple.


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